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Woman Riding a Horse

Franklin Ball Training for Horse Riders

The Franklin Method uses dynamic imagery and proprioceptive feedback from Franklin Balls to help riders make positive changes in the way they ride their horse.

Lorna is trained to use Franklin Balls with Horse riders.  These balls are uses on different parts of the riders body both mounted and unmounted to increase body awareness and enable postural improvements which may remove restrictions and enhance horse and rider performance.

The Franklin Method works with the nervous system. The air or water filled balls activate the sensory nerves and give feedback to rider about their body position on the horse that may have previously been unnoticed.  Imagery is used to help with this process.  Once the balls are removed, the nervous system can still use that memory of the sensation to illicit the same change or fix to the riders posture.


Riders that become more body aware are then able to ride their horses therapeutically, in a way that encourages even muscle development and enhances their way of going. 

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