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McTimoney Animal Therapy

Mctimoney Therapy helps to realign and balance the musculoskeletal system through gentle manipulation and soft tissue techniques. It can be used to treat pain and dysfunction.

Just like people, animals suffer from a range of back, neck, pelvic and musculoskeletal problems that can benefit from McTimoney treatment. The treatment focusses predominantly on optimising the alignment of the spine and pelvis in order to restore correct function of the skeletal system, nervous system and surrounding soft tissue. The vertebrae of the spine and other joints in the body have a natural range of motion to facilitate normal movement.  The cause of dysfunction can be acute (due to injury or excessive work/training) or chronic (due to conformational/postural faults, poor foot balance, ill fitting equipment or rider imbalance etc), it will not necessarily stop the animal moving but it will cause a compensatory pattern of dysfunctional posture and movement which can become painful and lead to further problems.

McTimoney Therapists rely on the owner's observations and subsequent veterinary referrals. All animals will react differently to pain but as a guide, owners should consider seeking treatment if their animal displays any of the following signs:


  • Crying out when getting up

  • Difficulty climbing stairs or getting in/out of cars

  • Signs of discomfort when being stroked or groomed

  • A reluctance to exercise

  • Stiffness or pain after exercise


  • Uneven stride or movement

  • Uneven wear of shoes

  • Sore or cold backs

  • Saddle slipping or uneven pressure from the saddle

  • Poor performance

  • Asymmetry, such as stiffness on one rein, disunited canter etc

  • Unexplained behavioural problems

  • Uneven muscle development or atrophy


  • Lameness or irregular action after a fall or accident where alternative diagnoses have been ruled out

  • Rehabilitation after injury 

Please note: The treatment of animals is currently registered under the Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966) and Exemptions Order 2015.  You must obtain the consent of your Veterinary Surgeon BEFORE seeking McTimoney chiropractic treatment.

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